Steels Compared: Damascus 1095 (15N20) vs D2 Steel – Old World Steel

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Steels Compared: Damascus 1095 (15N20) vs D2 Steel

Steels Compared: Damascus 1095 (15N20) vs D2 Steel

Aug 02, 2023

Scott Corwin

Damascus steel is a type of carbon steel that contains various kinds of submicroscopic particles called Springer alloys. These give it its distinctive dark appearance and superior performance in combat conditions, where sharpness and durability are critical.

The Damascus steel Old World Steel manufactures has been forged from layers of 15N20 and 1095 steel. The light areas are made up primarily of Nickel-based material, while the darker regions contain carbonized material which gives it its black coloration. Old World Steel Damascus is created using an ancient technique passed down through generations of one family.


D2 – This is a very popular steel used in modern tool manufacturing. D2 has a high level of wear resistance, retains significant sharpness, and holds up well under demanding functions. With its high chromium content, it had a unique position in the stainless vs carbon steel debate.

According to the Rockwell C hardness scale, D2 has a Rockwell hardness of 60 HRC but may reach up to 64HRC depending on the tempering temperature. With such hardness, a blade made from this steel can hold edges for a long time in addition to admirable wear resistance.