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Legends of Damascus Steel

Legends of Damascus Steel

Apr 07, 2023

Scott Corwin

The most popular type of steel in the world, Damascus is known for its beautiful design and high quality. Damascus was first in providing a hard yet flexible edge that will stay sharp no matter how many times you strike it against another object or person! Forged from this material were some of the most legendary swords, which became valued status symbols among warriors throughout history - take your pick: Sparta vs Athens; Rome vs Carthage.

The edge in these epic battles could be decided by something as fundamental as who had access to better blade technology.

Damascus steel produced the most renowned blades in existence. Forged by hand, it has been used for centuries to cut through battlements and armor with precision attacks that left little room for error or hesitation on behalf of its user. Around 1800 AD, this process of blade-making fell into abandonment. By 1900 AD there were no more records about how exactly one produces the material or what materials were best used for forge welding them together. All we know is based on old stories told abroad, which vary by region.

Damascus steel has been scientifically proven by a German scientist who studied its composition. The findings reveal an almost magical merging of carbon nanotubes and carbide arrays inside the finished forged metal—we understand now why this steel holds an edge so well despite being tough as nails!