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What is Damascus Steel?

What is Damascus Steel?

Apr 07, 2023

Scott Corwin

Damascus steel is manufactured by forging multiple layers of high-carbon steel into a solid block called a "billet." The billet gets folded and re-welded repeatedly to produce patterns on the blade, which can be seen in Old World Steel’s product line. This process creates both functionality as well durability with its combination of hard finishes.

Damascus steel is a material that has been utilized in combat for centuries. Its renowned strength and beauty make it an attractive choice, but only if you're able to use the exact right combination of steels with pieces so they can work optimally without compromising any one aspect.

In the old world, if you were looking for a blade that could take on any challenge, those that could afford it, insisted on Damascus steel. These blades have been hand profiled from layered hard and soft steels which create incredible flexibility and toughness. All while producing serration patterns along their edge to aid cutting - something this type of material does better than anything else!

Why is Damascus steel so appealing to both workers and warriors? Perhaps because we associate luxury items that have special properties directly back to their rich heritage.